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FY2015 Capital Improvement Program
Budget Development Process


An opportunity for La Jollans to identify city projects they want the City to fund and build.

In what is now an annual process the Mayor's Office invites the public to participate in development of the FY2015 (July 2014 - June 2015) Capital Improvement Program budget. Previously the public could not provide input until the draft budget was published in April 15. Now we as a community have the opportunity to identify our infrastructure priorities (studies, design, construction) before city staff starts work in December.

2013 Schedule

  • 1st LJCPA Hearing, July 10
  • Other La Jolla organizations conduct their hearings with their own members
  • 2nd LJCPA Hearing, August 1
  • Final LJCPA Hearing, September 5
  • LJCPA FY2015 Recommendations, approved 9/5/2013.
  • LJCPA files recommendations with City.

    City's Neighborhood Input Policy
    Read the framework that all planning groups will be following Neighborhood Input Policy

    Pursuant to the policy, La Jolla is encouraged to make our recommendations from the following sources:
    1. Projects recommended last year that did not get fully funded,
      Project Recommendations for FY2014
      Project Recommendations with Full Detail
    2. Projects currently on the CIP list that haven't been funded or only partially funded and are moving too slowly for the community.
      La Jolla (Condensed List)
      All CIP projects but omits sewer and water projects and those currently in construction.
      La Jolla (Full List)
      All CIP projects within the boundaries of La Jolla.
      Both lists formatted to print on legal size paper.
    3. Projects on La Jolla's Public Facilities Finance Plan.
    4. Projects drawn from the "needs lists" as may be available from various city departments.
    5. "New" proposals that have not previously been considered by the city.
    While broad-based and inclusive public participation is the goal opportunities to fund new projects is tempered by the following realities:
    1. limited capital funds in the city's budget
    2. prior funding commitments to multi-year projects, and
    3. lack of operational funding for new/expanded facilities.
    Nevertheless, this is an exciting opportunity to have a voice and build community consensus on our priorities. Work we do will be carried over to subsequent years and may be a basis to seek funding sources outside the city's general fund.

    Other Ways to Participate
    The public can also "support" projects that were recommended in 2012 at San Diego Infrastructure Project. If you agree with those recommendations indicate your "support." If you don't then attend the LJCPA hearings and voice your opinion about infrastructure projects and priorities.

    Reference Documents

  • A Citizenís Guide to the Capital Improvements Program
  • Neighborhood Input Policy
  • City's Capital Improvement Program Webpage
  • Sample Reporting Template (PDF, City requires submittal of electronic spreadsheet).
  • Additional documents will be posted as they become available.


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