La Jolla Community Planning Association

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Membership & Attendance


The La Jolla Community Planning Association welcomes the community to our public meetings and encourages expression and discussion of all viewpoints in our open forums.

You do not need to sign in nor be a Member to attend and participate in our public meetings.

To become a Member you must attend a meeting AND fill out a membership application.

Once you file a membership application, you are not a Member for 28 days. (Bylaws: Art III, Section 1.a.)

Membership is a requirement for (a) voting on bylaw amendments, (b) voting in trustee elections, and (c) part of the eligibility to run for a trustee seat. Read the Membership Application for the requirements to become a Member.

The LJCPA takes its record keeping very seriously. If you find a error or an omission please notify us at once. Also, if you know of a Member that no longer meets the Membership requirements please notify us.

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